"The task of integration, which is the challenge for the artist of today, is not any more to be contained in 1 single work of art, but in a way as never before only through the unity of life and work within the framework of change".
Erich Neumann 1959

If one oversees the versatility of Madama's vast oeuvre then it is necessary to create a context to be able to understand this diversity.
The image that comes to my mind is an analogy with the billions of solar systems that each contain a sun and planets and stars that move around that center.
In that sense is every series of Madama's visual art work like a solar system, different in content, colour and images than other solar systems but connected because they all originate from inner strength/necessity
That is the stipulation and result of Madama's research that started some 40 years ago. What is essence and how can I visualize that?
In that quest, averse to conventions, she finds that inner, creative, inexhaustible and innovative strength, which characterizes the dynamics in her career.
This connection with this inner strength is the key in her visual art, poetry and music and creates a new reality in performances etc.
In het authentic quest for essence she used transcultural influences in her visual art, inspired by artists from the Orient, Africa, Aboriginals. The influence of mysticism became apparent in particular by studying in Egypt where the concepts of inside/outside, content/shape seemed replaceable and she literally wanted to 'step out of the box'.
From this she developed the scrolls, or temple hangings, 2 sides painted unframed canvases, which can hang freely in space like a sculpture. Her latest work are a series of monochromes.
Madama's work provides access to an inner world of beauty, values, space, possibilities, the Cosmic Renaissance of the universal human being.
Out of this inner direction originates: The New Stream, Art from the Heart, an organic concept of Style and a book with the same title.
Madama's main goal is to share her work and invite people to reflect, to create their own associations and stories, to explore depth and space and through this reflection and resonance get new insights in their life: the humanity of art.
Every work of her art is the expression of essence, life giving inner strength that everybody has but is not always used to its full potential.