Madama is a multi-artist. Over 40 years Madama (Margareth Adama) has created a rich and various collection of Art Works.
Educated at the prestigious Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam she started her career as a painter. Her art work consists of series of limited numbers and every piece is unique. Her art work is vital, dynamic and it doesn't fit into one category. It is authentic and archetypical.

Madama has been inspired by the connection between other cultures, religions and myths and the new meanings that can be related to these. In other words to connect the antic and the actual.

Painting itself however was not the aim of her work. The paintings are always the outcome of a personal transformation process.
Gradually she started to create poems and she literally discovered a piano at the age of 20.
From then on she taught herself her own free style improvised piano art music and started to sing her poems.
This combination of paintings, poems and music culminated in performances and concerts.
In the last few years she discovered that her talent for transformation can be a vital source of inspiration to others. Art form the Heart = Healing Art.

She teaches, coaches, gives Masterclasses, Artventures and a Personal Revitalisation Traject.

Madama's Art work has been collected worldwide. She has had expositions in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Spain, New York, Venezuela and Curaçao.