• Medicine Music Personal Healing:  Art as Medicine

    Medicine Music Personal Healing: Art as Medicine



    Your energy will be translated in pianomusic on the grand piano. A personal healing CD gives you the opportunity to enter into a state of relaxation while listening so that your energy field will be in contact with the universal energy (zero point field). Madama plays the grand piano while you are lying or sitting relaxed. The second emotional layer of your energyfield reacts immediately. Blockades diminish. At home you can listen at a quiet moment to make space for a happy way of being. The especially for you transmitted music brings you in harmony with Your Self.
    Consult and healing music CD 95 euro, 1 hour 'live' in Maria Hoop
    Also possible to send a picture, Madama composes especially for you, your healing medicine music and sends it digitally or by CD.