'Gates to Paradise' is a multi-dimensional art production by Madama which gives an insight into transformational processes. Madama's poems and artwork are the medium and the message. The energy of the
poems is captured in a 'blueprint'. It is also a method to reach your inner core based on the hermetic and alchemist traditions. That's why the poems are divided
according to the alchemist process in a Nigredo, Albedo and Rubedo phase. In each category are 12 poems and 'blueprints' plus 3 in the zero phase.

A portal is used in a meaning similar to the language in computers. It gives access to what really drives you, what is your core. This corresponds to the phases that every human being often encounters in
his/her life. From deep sorrow or disappointment to hope and longing and fulfillment. The book has an inner logic and invites you to
take a journey through life processes that leads to an awareness of the creative source, the creative Self. This life force is the motor of
transformation and leads ultimately to self-manifestation. The poems support the images or rather they are the key to the artwork. Gates to Paradise is a book
full of inspiration and can be used as a self-help instrument which gives a good insight in: where I am now in my life/ where do I go from here or what is
necessary for transformation and what is the result or outcome of this process.


One can draw a card, read the poem and the aphorism. Often that is sufficient. One can also read the three poems that are a sequence. One can choose a keyword and read that particular poem.

Poems are placed according to keyword or the place they have in the transformation processes. In this way the reader has many options to open the book and ask her/his question. It supports in taking or sustaining
difficult often life changing decisions.

In short

Gates to Paradise is a perfect instrument for everyone who is searching for his/her own source/life force the I Am. In this time the question remains how do I reach my inner Self. Gates to Paradise points
the way because the path is Know Thy Self. Self knowledge opens the way to endless possibilities. Texts, images and workbook give you the key and opening/entrance to the I Am. Gates to Paradise carries the blueprint to the I Am code.

The book can be used both individually and in groups by people who are interested in spiritual work, people who work in management and organizational development. The book is also used in personal coaching and workshops. Madama gives lectures, workshops, personal coaching and sings the poems at concerts.

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