Rediscover valuable talent

Companies like to work efficiently. Human capital is the most valuable resource. Talent and creativity of employees are often underestimated. In the day to day management a limited amount of the resources that are available is used. People tend to stick to well known thought patterns without finding new answers to the problems at hand. But people can think 'out of the box' given situations that challenge them.

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Madama ArtVenture opens up new dimensions.

artventure schildersessie

Art is a language that opens up other areas than just the cognitive process. Music, art, a poem, a painting can 'hit' you. In a Madama ArtVenture participants draw/paint in relation to a common theme or write to express their imagination. They open up new areas of creativity and in doing so develop a new perspective on their reality often with astonishing  results. The process is conducted in a gentle way, it breaks through defenses. The result is transparency in your own actions and the actions of a team. Personal leadership is key.

After the creative phase the 'reading' takes place both at an individual and team level. People share what they have made and the relation it has to themes like leadership, cooperation, innovation etc. A Madama ArtVenture is an inner journey in unknown territories, the art of being present. It is possible to build on a Madama Artventure with other modules, lectures and exercises. In Reorganization and change trajectories this can lead to new discoveries and implementations. But also for a retreat or outing this can be the thing to do.

Companies so far have included Business University Nyenrode, ING, de Baak, Rabobank, ICT Kembit and a penitentiary institution.

Madama is professional artist and coach. She is author of the book Gates to Heaven. Dr. Ida Guinée has been researcher and teacher at the University of Amsterdam around leadership issues. She has trained extensively in the Netherlands and abroad.

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