CALL means Creative Authentic Living Leadership.

What is your CALL? and how will you manifest that in daily life?                                                                                                         

Do you live your dream? CALL is a workshop/training whre you develop your fouces and you will get a clear insight in your destiny. Based on the triptych Creativity, Spirituality and Empowerment you will get the tools to take the next step or decision in your work, relation and life.



We use the E3 model: Essence/Energy/Existence. By connecting to your Essence, you get more Energy which you can use in your daily Existence. Creativity is activated by the different tools that have been developed by Madama Art, exercises, lectures, music and drawing. A stimulating and innovative approach theory and practice in one. Feel the Call to take part and partake in life.

CALL is an intensive program for 1 or 2 days for individuals and companies. Price and data on request.