HEALING IMAGE, INSPIRATION EN REVITALIZATION Creativity as stimulant for renewal, find a focus in your life.    

Do you want to know what your life force is? How do your use your life force? What is the continuity in your life line? Do you have anxieties or emotional blockades?

By experiencing a personal revitalization trajectory you get an answer to these questions. It is an unique healing experience, you will get insights and a perspective for the future. Madama will develop this perspective by channeling/reading, compose your unique music based on your energy vibrations and paint your healing image, who you really are at an energetic level. The painting of your healing image is an important part of the revitalization trajectory. This healing image is the energetic translation of who you are as a person, with a perspective on what you can do to change issues that are blocking progress. It connects you with your vital energy and life force. You get a perspective how you can build on this in daily life.

What is a Healing Image/'Heelbeeld'?

After a reading with her cards based on 'Gates to Paradise' Madama will compose pianomusic for you, and you will then in the studio be the 'model' for your Healing Image while the pianomusic plays. 

A healing image shows:

What is your 'line' in life?

What is your life force?

What is your mission in life?


In 2-3 sessions you get insight in your emotional blockades and how you can address these. Creativity is used to activate your own possibilities for renewal.

Session I: Inspiration

Personal consult and access to your I AM code

where do I stand, what do I want to change and how do I do that?

Session II: Healing Image and CD

Madama paints on large scale 235 x 100 cm your healing image and gives a reading

The energy of the person will be translated in pianomusic and painted in a healing image. You get a reading and take the music on CD and painting home

Sessie III: Integration = Sjamanistic session

Your energy will be aligned: revitalization

Madama (Margareth Adama) professional artist, medium and coach. Madama has her own practice and is experienced in individual
coaching of people with questions in work, life, relationships, stress, burn-out.

On request.


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