Madama Modern Sacred Art

‘ I sacrificed Art in my search for the I Am and I have elevated the I AM into Art’


‘I wanted to get to the essence of Art by Installation of Inspiration in my visual art, music and poems’ Madama


Painting: 'Source of Wealth' acrylic on canvas, 80 x 120 cm, 2011

My Art is a resource towards Self Realisation.
The question: How can I ‘exhibit’ inspiration or transmit inspiration is the central theme in the development of all my Art.

A transformation process to dig the gold of your authenticity. The living I AM that transcends and connects everything.
Your living I AM is not something you can hold on to, no identification with the situation!

Painting is by definition making choices, letting go, removing and carrying on.
It is a mirror for the inner transformation process that renews itself again and again.
That’s why my visual work is so multidimensional both trans figurative and abstract.
There are many different styles because of the continual renewal.

I have Art work in all formats from small till monumental canvases.
Drawings, paintings, power circles, ritual art objects, collages, mixed media and scrolls: 2 sides painted unframed canvases. Most of my visual work is in acryl, and often with iridescent pigments, gold and silver mixed media.

My art is in private and government collections and has been exhibited in The Netherlands and abroad, Germany Spain, US, Curaçao. My work is also for sale!

How can we take the journey together?