Creativity – Spirituality – Empowerment

 'What does it mean to be a creative person, not only in the limited sense of Art but also in daily life ? To continually renew yourself?’

The intertwinement of life and work is essential in my art and integral coaching.

MADAMA ART of Self-Realization

What does it mean to be a human and how do you become human? How can you use and optimize your creative power? This creative process is the theme of my life and is rooted in the ancient tradition of self-realisation.

Do you like to get support to live a meaningful life, in connection with the Source, your I AM ?

Then this is what I can offer.

I can support you in your personal development, consciousness raising and transformations that enable you to renew the connection with your Source,

I use all my talents, Art, Music, Poems and my psychic talents to support your Self-Realisation.

In my blogs I combine painting poem and music to create an energy field.

Madama offers:


Madama Living Art

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Reading / Healing

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How can we take the journey together?