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Welcome to the Madama Living Art Site

Welcome to the Madama Living Art site

Madama’s lifelong research into: what is Essence, translates itself in Creativity, Spirituality and Empowerment. Her motto is Art= Communication. The content defines the form. Madama develops over the years her style, like a brilliant reflects all the colours but stays transparent. Madama’s art work is figurative, abstract in fact trans figurative. The Art Gallery shows that vast oeuvre.

Madama translates the energy of her paintings and poems in the music scores for her improvised piano music. The audience can create their own images and stories.

The purpose of Madama Art is Empowerment. Madama uses all her skills and insights in the individual coaching sessions and workshops. Her book ‘Gates to Paradise’ is used in her readings.

Madama has used her art as a means for self transformation in the TAO of the I AM. This is also the title of her new book that will be presented June 24, 2016 at the opening of the exposition Madama Modern Sacred Art from the Heart in Roermond.

Latest news

The TAO van het IK BEN is Madama's latest book. Inspiring lyrical prose, at the moment only available in Dutch.


Paint your own Power Circle, a wonderful object that symbolises your power and commitment.


After a short meditation we will paint 2 sides of a wooden


Selected literature


Madama Museum Modern Sacred Art (MAMMSA)

The virtual Medicine Art Museum Madama Sophia Amor (MAMMSA) gives a wide and unique impression of Madama's flavoured and ritch work of art.


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